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Name:_________________________________Title: ____________________________________ Company: ______________________________Dept: ___________________________________ Business Address : _______________________________________________________________ City: _____________________________Prov: __________Postal Code: ____________________ Telephone: ___________________________Fax: ______________________________________ E-mail: ________________________________________________________________________ SRC101 I wish to receive/continue to receive a complimentary subscription to BIOTECHNOLOGY FOCUS Yes No Signature:____________________________________Date: ___________________________ On occasion, BIOTECHNOLOGY FOCUS will send third-party information on products & services related to the lab and life science industries. These may be cancelled at any time. Please check here if you do NOT wish to receive these. C89 Are you building a new lab? Yes No For a quick response please fax: 905-727-3875 or e-mail: 50 Academic 50a Biotech Organization 50b Clean Tech organization 50c Contract Research / Manufacturing Organization 50d Diagnostics Organization 50f Food processing / manufacturing 50g Instrument Manufacturer / Distributor JOB FUNCTION 50 C Level Management 50a Engineer 51b Principal Investigator / Research Scientist 51c Professor / Faculty 53a Group / Project Leader 53b Procurement / Supply Chain 53c R&D Director / Manager 54 Legal / Financial / Administration / Regulatory / Communications 55 Post Doc / PhD Student 58 Professional Services / Consulting 59 Lab Technician / Research Assistant 60 Sales / Marketing 62 IT Management 63 Nurse / Practitioner 64 Pharmacist 65 Physician 99 Other (Specify): C88 Product Development Stage (check all that apply) A Research/Development B Pilot/Scaleup C Production/Manufacturing D Tech Transfer E Not applicable C86 Buying Influence H Liquid Handling & Sample Prep I Microscopes, Optics, Cameras J Safety & Hygiene K Spectroscopy L Testing Systems/Equipment M Vacuum Equipment Y None of the Above A Analysis Instruments B Basic Lab Equipment C Chemicals/Biochemicals D Chromatography – Gas E Chromatography – Liquid F Filtration, Water Purification G LIMS C87 Which products are used in your lab? A Authorize B Recommend C Specify 50h Packaging / Distribution 50i Pharmaceutical Organization 50j Professional Services (legal, financial, consulting, recruiting, regulatory, communications) 52 Clinical Research / Hospital 53 Research Institute 55 Government Agency 99 Other (specify): C90 We have the following enewsletters: 1 Biotechnology Focus eBulletin 2 Laboratory focus eBulletin 3 BioPharma 4 BioMedical 5 Health Care 6 Agri-Food 7 Clean Tech 8 Industry Inte Format Preference: print digital COMPANYs PRIMARY BUSINESS ACTIVITY new card_Layout 1 2/9/2018 11:25 AM Page 1 April/May 2018 BIOTECHNOLOGY FOCUS 31 april 2018 April 16-17 5th Annual Congress on Chemistry in Drug Discovery & Designing Dubai, UAE Phone: 1-800-216-6499 Email: drugdesign@ Web: http://drugchemistry. April 20-21 4th International Conference on Antimicrobials and Antibiotics Resistance Las Vegas, US Phone: 1-888-843-8169 Email: Web: http://antibiotics-resistance. April 20-21 4th International Conference on Antibiotics: R&D, B2B Las Vegas, US Phone: 1-888-843-8169 Email: Web: http://antibiotics. April 18-19 International Conference on Nano Medicine and Nanoparticles Las Vegas, US Phone: 1-888-843-8169 Email: Web: http://nanomedicine. May 2018 May 28-29 World Congress on Cell and Structural Biology Osaka, Japan Phone: 1-800-216-6499 Email: biology@ Web: May 14-16 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery Tokyo, Japan Phone: 1-800-216-6499 Email: nanodelivery@ Web: http://nanomedicine. May 17-19 Annual Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Congress Singapore City, Singapore Phone: 1-800-216-6499 calendar Email: pharmabiotek@confer Web: http://pharmbiotek. May 14-15 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutical Development and Technology Tokyo, Japan Phone: 1-800-216-6499 Email: pharmatech@ Web: http://pharmatech. May 10-12, 2018 27 Th International Conference on Oncology Research & Cancer Stem Cells FRANKFURT, GERMANY 1-888-843-8169 May 21-23 16th International Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Biotechnology Conference VIENNA, AUSTRIA https://pharmaceuticalmicrobiology. 1-888-843-8169

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