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April/May 2018 BIOTECHNOLOGY FOCUS 3 contents April/MAy 2018 – VOlUME 21 – NUMBEr 2 FEATURES in EvERy iSSUE DEPARTMEnTS 10 OncOlyTic viROThERAPy: UnlEAShing AnTi-TUMOUR iMMUniTy Oncolytic virotherapy is the use of natural or engineered viruses to combat cancer. (By Ismael Samudio ) 12 PhARMAcOgEnOMicS - A nEw ERA in PREciSiOn hEAlTh Genomics is driving a paradigm shift from a disease-oriented health-care system to one that is more precise, personalized, predictive, preventative and cost effective. (By Dr. Catalina Lopez-Correa) 20 iP FOR ig: PROTEcTiOn FOR AnTibODy-bASED ASSETS in ThE cAnADiAn MARkET AnD bEyOnD This article provides a brief overview of ip issues and considerations for those engaged in antibody technologies. (By Noel Courage and Phil Goldbach) 22 clinicAl TRiAlS OnTARiO: cOllAbORATing TO ADvAncE hEAlTh RESEARch FOR A bETTER TOMORROw Clinical trials are critical to advancing health care innovations. (By Susan Marlin ) 24 POST-AnTibiOTic APOcAlyPSE wiTh ThE 'SUPERbUg' Antimicrobial resistance threatens the effective prevention and treatment of an ever-increasing range of infections caused by bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi. (By Michelle Currie) 27 QvEllA'S TEchnOlOgy SET TO REDUcE TiME TO RESUlTS in MicRObiOlOgy Qvella's objective is to attain actionable results in clinically relevant time frames that may save a patient in the nick of time with their technology e-lysis treatment technique. (By Michelle Currie) 14 24 30 ThE lAST wORD Holistic public policy in support of Canadian innovation (By Andrew Casey) SPECIAL REPORT: BIOLOgICS COmPAnIES In CAnAdA – HOw ARE wE FARIng? in the industry, people are familiar with the stories from ~100 years ago about Canada's global leadership in the dis- covery of antitoxins and insulin. But how has the Canadian biologics industry been faring in the 21st century? (By Robert Merson) 6 RESEARch nEwS 8 bUSinESS cORnER 31 cAlEnDAR OF EvEnTS post-antibiotic apocalypse with the 'Superbug'

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