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PH A RMAC EUTI C AL C L I N I C AL CHEMI C AL F OO D E N VIRONME N T Magnetic Bead Mixer for Mini Nucleic Acid Purification Page 8 Optimizing Liquid Chromatography JULY 2011 Volume 15, Number 4 Sample and Mobile Phase Preparation Page 11 R&D News ......................... 1 Appointments .................... 6 Pharma Notes .................... 7 New Products ..................14 Calendar ..........................17 Career Spotlight...............18 find out more about the promise of stem cell research, and add your support to the call for an accelerated approach to eradicat- ing the major disease of our time. • Follow the discoveries. Receive updates on the work being done in the areas of heart, blood, diabetes, neurology and lung and the progress being made toward cures. • Direct the research. Channel your support directly to the areas of research that matter the most to your personally. Representatives of the McEwen research com- munity were joined for the Stem Cell City announcement by rep- resentatives of the Ontario Gov- ernment, the University Health Network (UHN), the international stem cell community, and patient advocates to help launch this online initiative. Dr. Gordon Keller STEM CELL CITY OPENS UHN's McEwen Centre for Regen- erative Medicine announced the creation of Stem Cell City, a virtual community designed to inform the public about stem cell research and allow them to articulate their sup- port of using regenerative medicine to fight disease. According to Dr. Gordon Keller, director of the McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell City is an online web portal designed to teach the public about the body's tiny, tissue-generating powerhouses and to inform them of the latest research aimed at defeat- ing the most devastating diseases afflicting humans — from heart and lung disease to Alzheimer's and diabetes. The site includes virtual tours of the centre's labs, allows visitors to key into research areas of personal interest as well as pro- vides options to donate to research. Other notable features of the site include: • Join the community. Explore the world of regenerative medicine, Publications Mail Registration Number: 40052410 The "city" was opened June 15, 2011 by the Centre's co-cofound- ers Rob and Cheryl McEwen. They were joined by Dr. Keller, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, Minis- ter of Citizenship and Education Dr. Eric Hoskins, UHN CEO and president Dr. Robert Bell, California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) chairman Robert Klein and patient advocate Lisa Ray. For more information or to join Stem Cell City go to www.

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