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BIOTECHNOLOGY FOCUS October/November 2015 In hindsight these are easy questions to answer. However, if you're building a business plan for a biotechnology start-up, or even if you're changing the direction of a major pharmaceutical company; you need to know where the industry is going; not where it was five years ago. That is why employee surveys are relied on for valuable in- sights. By talking to the people in the trenches you can gain valuable perspective about where the industry is currently and, more importantly, where it's going. "What you have right now is employers looking for talent and recent grads looking to break into the industry but they don't know where to go. It's a serious problem," said Janet LeClair, Senior HR Consultant with Stratford Managers Corporation. That's why the Stratford Managers Corporation partnered with Biotechnology Focus to conduct the Employee Opinion of the Biotech Workplace survey. The survey, which was conducted online, was filled out by 161 respondents from eight provinces and territories. This survey will be used as an early benchmark for follow up surveys in the future on the same topic. "We were trying to reach any employee who was working in Canada in biotechnology or life science sector organizations," said Dean Fulford, Vice President of HR Consulting with Stratford Managers. "In order to spread the word, Biotechnology Focus engaged with their network of associations across Canada who agreed to distribute the survey to their membership. We started a bit of a social media campaign to share the process about the survey, both Stratford and Biotechnology Focus." Given a choice, respondents were allowed to fill out the survey anonymously, to allow for more honest and frank answers. "We saw this as an opportunity for employees in the sector to Special Report: The BioTeChnologiCal hr landsCape in Canada employee opinion of The BioTeCh WorkplaCe employee opinion of The BioTeCh WorkplaCe employee opinion of The BioTeCh WorkplaCe index performanCe provide some feedback on their experiences working in biotech- nology and life sciences," said Fulford. "We had hoped as well that this would spur some positive activity in those organizations to improve their human resource processes." "Ultimately the survey process would provide us a base line for the workplace experience aspect, and ultimately contribute toward developing recognition of best employers' practices for the sector," he continued. The survey found that generally people were pretty happy within the biotechnology field. In aggregate, employees rated the key indices, of Job Clarity, Organization Climate, Visionary

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