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Surveying the Biotechnological HR Landscape

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October/November 2015 BIOTECHNOLOGY FOCUS Special Report: the Biotechnological Surveying hR landscape H igh speed photography is a challenge even for the most talented of photographers. This is because when things move fast they can be difficult to capture—even for a snapshot. Human Resource (HR) professionals in rapidly expanding industries, like the biotech- nology and life science industries, face a similar problem. How can you capture and understand that which is constantly moving and changing? For photographers the answer has to do with shutter speed and aperture. For HR departments, on the other hand, the answer has everything to do with people. What do the people in these industries think about their work? Where do they think trends are heading? How can the industry be improved? By Jeff Mackey First-OF-its-kiNd emplOyee survey OF CaNada's biOteChNOlOgy iNdustry briNgs Future OF iNdustry iNtO FOCus

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