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April/May 2015 BIOTECHNOLOGY FOCUS 13 Special Report: THE CLINICAL TRIAL LANDSCAPE IN CANADA C CLINICAL TRIALS ARE A KEY ASPECT OF HEALTH INNOVATION, driving the translation of basic research to products on the market. The benefi ts of clinical trials for patients, institutions and economies are numerous, including better access to care and quality of life, increased knowledge and understanding of diseases, attraction of highly qualifi ed clinicians, job creation and economic growth. Canada has long been known internationally for its high quality of research, which has been a signifi cant attribute for attracting clinical trials in the past. However, over the last decade Canada has fallen behind in the global race for clinical trial investment. According to a HealthCareCan report, Canada's share of pharma-sponsored trial sites dropped from fi ve per cent of the global total in 2005 to four per cent in 2010; additionally, the number of Canadian sites participating in clinical trials had declined by 16 per cent, researchers had enrolled fewer Canadians in those trials, and the cost of recruiting patients was among the highest in the world at over $17,000 per patient. 1 Several di erent factors are driving this decline for Canada. Examples include the emergence of low cost clinical research competitors from emerging markets and their improving quality, combined with increasing hospital and academic over- head charges in Canada. With time being of the essence for conducting clinical trials, a large part of Canada's decline on the global market can also be attributed to more e cient trial processes in other countries. By Michelle Hampson

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