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NEW PRODUCTS Lightmeter Gigahertz-Optik's new BTS256-E LED-Luxmeter provides all necessary illuminance, colour and spectral data to fully qualify SSL, CFL and any other type light source. Its Bi-Technology sensor improves 1 1/31/2013 9:09 AM Page 1 measurement accuracy and is precisely cosine corrected. The LED-luxmeter with integrated shutter autoranges over an eight decade dynamic measurement range. Data can be measured in nine different units using the five different measuring modes for complete accuracy. Web: Upright Work Bench IAC Industries introduces a new way to add storage and utility to workbenches with the company's versatile Multi-Task System I and II (MTS-I and MTS-II). Each System features heavy gauge vertical posts with a tie beam at the SRC101 top for extra support. The Systems can be retrofitted and customized with shelving variations and a variety of accessories, including part cup rails, keyboard swing arms, electrical channels, cabinets, and isolation screens, and many more. Customers can choose from 17 different colour options to suit their work environment. Systems can be frame- or surface-mounted. Web: I wish to receive/continue to receive a complimentary subscription to Yes BIOTECHNOLOGY FOCUS print Format Preference: digital No both Signature:____________________________________Date: ___________________________ Name:_________________________________Title: ____________________________________ Company: ______________________________Dept: ___________________________________ Business Address : _______________________________________________________________ City:_____________________________Prov: __________Postal Code: ____________________ Telephone: ___________________________Fax: ______________________________________ E-mail: ________________________________________________________________________ On occasion, BIOTECHNOLOGY FOCUS will send third-party information on products & services related to the lab and life science industries. These may be cancelled at any time. Please check here if you do NOT wish to receive these. JOB FUNCTION 50 C Level Management 50a Engineer 51b Principal Investigator / Research Scientist 51c Professor / Faculty 53a Group / Project Leader 53b Procurement / Supply Chain 53c R&D Director / Manager 54 Legal / Financial / Administration / Regulatory / Communications 55 58 59 60 62 63 64 65 99 Post Doc / PhD Student Professional Services / Consulting Lab Technician / Research Assistant Sales / Marketing IT Management Nurse / Practitioner Pharmacist Physician Other (Specify): Academic Biotech Organization Clean Tech organization Contract Research / Manufacturing Organization 50d Diagnostics Organization 50f Food processing / manufacturing 50g Instrument Manufacturer / Distributor 50h Packaging / Distribution 50i Pharmaceutical Organization 50j Professional Services (legal, financial, consulting, recruiting, regulatory, communications) 52 Clinical Research / Hospital 53 Research Institute 55 Government Agency 99 Other (specify): C86 Buying Influence A Authorize B Recommend A B C D E F G Analysis Instruments Basic Lab Equipment Chemicals/Biochemicals Chromatography – Gas Chromatography – Liquid Filtration, Water Purification LIMS H I J K L M Y Liquid Handling & Sample Prep Microscopes, Optics, Cameras Safety & Hygiene Spectroscopy Testing Systems/Equipment Vacuum Equipment None of the Above C88 Product Development Stage (check all that apply) COMPANYs PRIMARY BUSINESS ACTIVITY 50 50a 50b 50c C87 Which products are used in your lab? C Specify A Research/Development B Pilot/Scaleup Ethernet Switch Omega releases the OM-ESW-100 series, a range of compact IEEE 802.3 layer two network unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches with automatic speed, duplex and cable sensing. The series features a construction capable of withstanding environmental extremes for use in mission critical applications. These Class I, Division 2 switches feature redundant power inputs, hardened metal enclosures, and 16 kV port protection. Each switch is capable of auto negotiating 10/100 Mbps and half/full duplex communications. Special auto-crossing detection supports standard and crossover Ethernet cables. Web: Filtration Capsules Haffenden Consulting introduces its new Zenpure line of Filtration products, including the patented Zenpure Zero Capsules, eliminating downstream hold up volume for high value products. Look to Zenpure for a full range of filter membranes from syringe tips to full scale capsules and cartridges. Contact: or 905-859-4991. C Production/Manufacturing D Tech Transfer E Not applicable C89 Are you building a new lab? Yes No C90 We have the following enewsletters: 1 2 3 4 Biotechnology Focus eBulletin Laboratory focus eBulletin BioPharma BioMedical 5 Health Care 6 Agri-Food 7 Clean Tech 8 Industry Inte For a quick response please fax: 905-727-4428 or e-mail: Web: 26 BIOTECHNOLOGY FOCUS September 2013

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