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December 2018/Januar y 2019 BIOTECHNOLOGY FOCUS 3 contents December 2018/January 2019 – VOLume 21 – number 6 FEATURES SPOTLIGHT DEPARTMENTS 10 PATENTING DIAGNOSTIc METHODS IN cANADA: A GLIMMER OF LIGHT FROM OUR SOUTHERN NEIGHbOURS? Personalized medicine, where prevention, diagnosis, and/or treatment of disease is tailored to an individual, is becoming more and more prevalent as scientists uncover new connections between biomarkers and illnesses. (By Melanie Szweras and Ainslie Parsons) 14 NAvIGATING THE REGULATORy cOMPLExITy OF REGENERATIvE MEDIcINE IN cANADA as the regenerative medicine industry continues to grow and gain value globally and locally, canada hopes to nurture it through a collaborative approach. (By Siofradh McMahon) 6 RESEARcH NEwS 8 bUSINESS cORNER 19 cALENDAR OF EvENTS 14 6 ZUcARA THERAPEUTIcS HELPS PEOPLE wITH DIAbETES SLEEP SAFELy AND SOUNDLy navigating the regulatory complexity of regenerative medicine in canada 16 THE EvOLUTION OF NEOMED-LAbS: GSK spin-out to strategic partner (By Michelle Cornish) 17 GOOD NEwS FOR TRAvELLERS TO AND IMMIGRANTS FROM ENDEMIc REGIONS: nobel prize-winning treatment for deadly parasitic infections approved in canada (By Michelle Cornish) 18 SIx wORLD-FIRST vAccINES AMONG THE UNIvERSITy OF SASkATcHEwAN'S vAccINE AND INFEcTIOUS DISEASE ORGANIZATION-INTERNATIONAL vAccINE cENTRE cONTRIbUTIONS TO GLObAL HEALTH (By Sarath Peiris)

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