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October/November 2018 BIOTECHNOLOGY FOCUS 3 contents OctOber/NOvember 2018 – vOLUme 21 – NUmber 5 FEATURES in EvERy iSSUE DEPARTMEnTS 10 BRinging UP BioTEch biotechnology Focus takes a look at which companies made the top 5 private venture capital financings between 2017-18. (By Michelle Currie) 13 TAckling ThE TAlEnT gAP in ThE cEll AnD gEnE ThERAPy inDUSTRy to meet increasing demand for newly-approved and upcoming therapies, there is a need to bring more talent into this innovative area of life sciences. (By Drs. Peter Zandstra and Michael May) 16 AlzhEiMER'S – ThERE'S STill lighT AT ThE EnD oF ThE TUnnEl Alzheimer's and related dementias are a truly immense problem, and a problem that we cannot afford to ignore any further. (By Dr. Donald Weaver) 20 MARS innovATion conTinUES To TighTEn ThE cAnADiAn innovATion-BASED RElATionShiP wiTh SoUTh-koREA marS Innovation crosses the cultural divide to build a better future for tomorrow. (By Michelle Currie) 22 how To EvAlUATE yoUR nExT UlTRA-low TEMPERATURE FREEzER PURchASE: Caveat emptor A look at some of the key performance factors when choosing which ultra-low temperature freezer a laboratory should purchase. (By Steven Lynum) 30 PATEnT PRoTEcTion FoR STEM cEllS - ExPAnDing oPPoRTUniTiES commercializing any therapeutic application is difficult. careful consideration of patent strategy at the outset of r&D is critical for establishing a competitive advantage. (By Laurence MacPhie and Donald Bocchinfuso) 25 AcRoSS cAnADA riding the biotech current to PeI: Q&A with rory Francis, PeI bioAlliance (By Michelle Currie) 6 RESEARch nEwS 8 BUSinESS coRnER 31 cAlEnDAR oF EvEnTS 16 6 inTERnATionAl STUDy cREATES URinE TEST ThAT DETEcTS TUBERcUloSiS in hiv PATiEnTS Alzheimer's - there's still light at the end of the tunnel

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