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August/September 2018 BIOTECHNOLOGY FOCUS 3 contents August/september 2018 – VOLume 21 – Number 4 FEATURES in EvERy iSSUE DEPARTMEnTS 10 REgUlAToRy APPRovAl oF BioSiMilARS in CAnADA the evolution and creation of innovative technologies, medications, and transformation of patient care continue to push forward at an astonishing pace. the biosimilars market in Canada may have its drawbacks, but this article gives a more eye-opening view of the underlying factors that involve an approval or notice of compliance in reference to Health Canada. (By Mahdis Dorkalam) 21 CElEBRATing TEn yEARS oF RESEARCh CoMMERCiAlizATion: Q&A SESSion wiTh nADinE BEAUgER AnD STEvEn KlEin FRoM iRiCoR IrICor (Institute for research in Immunology and Cancer – Commercialization of research) is a research commercialization hub, specializing in drug discovery that is celebrating their tenth year since inception. this Q&A provides insight into what made them a success. (By IRICoR Team) 24 CRoSSing ThE BlooD-BRAin BARRiER: BioASiS TEChnologiES lEAD ThE wAy wiTh ThEiR xB 3 TEChnology PlATFoRM With neurological diseases predicted to rise exponentially across the globe, crossing the blood-brain barrier has never been more pertinent. Arising to this challenge is bioasis technologies by focusing on a single goal: revolutionizing science by transporting therapeutic payloads across the blood-brain barrier and into the brain. (By Michelle Currie) 27 CAnADiAn TEChnology AnD innovATion: MAKing STRiDES in ThE gloBAl CEll ThERAPy lAnDSCAPE Cell therapies are integral to regenerative medicine: a swiftly advancing sector bearing the long-standing promise of revolutionizing health care as we know it. (By Tara Fernandez) 13 30 ThE lAST woRD Closing the Deal – suggestions for a successful Financing (By Roberto Bellini) SPECIAL REPORT: SCOPE Of InnOvATIOn In CAnAdA As the life sciences industry evolves, Canada is on the fore- front of that change. With the support and input of the life sci- ences sector across the country, biotechnology Focus has put together a report to showcase what this innovative industry has to offer the Canadian government and economy, and to entice the world to invest in the exceptional companies and break-through research this country stands to offer. (By Michelle Currie) 6 RESEARCh nEwS 8 BUSinESS CoRnER 31 CAlEnDAR oF EvEnTS

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